Any student pursing Chemistry at an institution of higher learning is eligible for membership, provided that the student's progress in chemistry meets a high standard set by the local chapter and approved by the National Executive Council. Membership requirements generally include successful completion of two years of chemistry courses and labs. Membership is open to chemistry majors and minors. Other science majors may be eligible for membership at the discretion of the local chapter, provided they fulfill the basic chemistry requirements for membership. Membership has traditionally been at the undergraduate level, but graduate students of high standing pursuing chemistry may be elected to membership. Additionally, anyone who has attained eminence in chemistry may be nominated for Honorary Membership by the unanimous vote of an active chapter or by unanimous vote of the Executive Council.

Local chapter members are initiated into the national society via an initiation ritual. There is a one-time initiation fee of $40. Local chapters may also charge their own local dues. Each initiate fills out a Member History Form and submits it to the local chapter representative.

Please complete first five lines of the editable PDF Menber History Form below. To minimize copying errors, it is requested that this form be filled out electronically, printed, and submitted to the local chapter representative. Simply fill out each field and tab to the next. The bottom portions of the form are to be completed later by the chapter representative and Executive Treasurer.


Chapters of Gamma Sigma Epsilon are established after approval by the National Executive Council of a petition from a local group. If your university does not have a local Gamma Sigma Epsilon chapter, here is the process for chartering one.

A local chapter shall consist of not less than four members satisfying the eligibility requirements of the local chapter. A petition for chartering a chapter must include a short statement of purpose and be signed by each of the student petitioners.

The application must also include letters of endorsement from the 1) chapter advisor, 2) department chair and 3) a ranking official of the institution as well as 1) a short history of the institution and its chemistry program, 2) a list of current chemistry faculty, 3) a list of recent chemistry graduates (3-5 years) and 4) the chapter's constitution that delineates the scholastic requirements for election to membership.


Please submit this chapter application and the appropriately signed supporting materials to the society's Executive Recorder (Secretary) electronically in PDF format.

Local chapters are encouraged to sponsor seminars and lectures; tutor fellow chemistry students; present lectures and chemical magic shows/demonstrations at local schools; plan and carry out National Chemistry Week activities; participate in community service projects; assist in science fairs as judges, clerks, guards; hold various fund raising events to support their chapter; give tours of chemistry facilities on Alumni reunions or parents' days; have social gatherings such as lunch meetings and initiation banquets. Chapters should function in cooperation with chem clubs and ACS Student Affiliates chapters.

Local chapters send delegates to biennial conventions and communicate with the Executive Treasurer on new member initiations and with the Executive Archivist on chapter activities. A chapter is considered inactive if it has not initiated new members during the current biennium or has not sent delegates to recent biennial conventions.